Is this show for all ages?
This show is open to all ages, but there will be alcohol served so please use discretion. Please see the Concert Rules for details.
Do children have to pay full price?
Children under 12 are free admission.
I am from out of town, where can I stay?
There are many hotels and other places to stay in and around historic Cumberland Maryland. Rocky Gap Casino Resort is highly recommended, but there are many other lodging options available.
Can I park my Camper in the campsite?
Sorry, the campsite belongs to the Ali Ghan Shriners Camper Unit which is not part of the festivities, but Hidden Springs Campground is only a few minutes away. Or check the link in the above question for other options.
Do the proceeds support the Shrine or Shriner’s Hospitals?
No. While all Shriners are Masons, not all Masons are Shriners. Specifically, the proceeds from this event support the activities and charities of 6 Western Maryland Lodges around Allegany County Maryland.
What Masonic Lodges are involved?
  • Potomac
  • East Gate
  • Bowers
  • Kemp
  • Mountain
  • Queen City
How can I get involved?
The crew and staff for the Western Maryland Music Festival are composed of members and family of the 6 Masonic Lodges mentioned above and their subordinate bodies. Reach out to any involved representative of those organizations for details on the next board meeting. Your help would be greatly appreciated!
I want to support your event but I cannot attend.
There are many ways to support your local Masonic organizations. Ask a lodge representative for details on giving a donation. Or you could buy a ticket or submit a sponsorship form. Check the sidebar for details.
How do you become a Mason?
To become a Mason you need only “ask”, meet the qualifications, and be accepted by a Lodge. Click here for more details on the Grand Lodge of Maryland’s Website, or ask a staff member during the event. Many, master masons will be present at the event and would be happy to give you more information.